I Want to be Smarter!

I am an English teacher at Indonesia. But I have a fatal side, it’s that I always make so many Grammatical error. My lecturer in university, always complain about this. But back in campus, I always lazy to improve my grammar. So when I finally graduated, which is 6 months ago, my TOEFL is only about 450. Damn thats not enough to be an English teacher, rite? And my speaking ability is decreasing too. Because I never speak in ENglish for quite so long.

Oh my God. So oftenly I do “Err..err..” infront of my students. FYI aka For Your Info, the school where I teach English subject at, is the number one high school at my city even one of the best at my province.

So, I always wondering why the hell I could got accepted as a teacher of these smart students, in the very first place! I am so embarassed of my English ability. Hence I ever thougt to quit teaching English. I’m gettin kinda desperate here!

Thats why, for me, to start writing an English BLog, is become way to improve my ability. I never write in English at my Main Blog. Because I’m paranoid if someone will critize my grammatical errors, in other hand I’m a teacher whose not suppose to do so rite?

I now plan to attempt on a scholarship. There will be 2 organizations. One of them is Ausaid. Hope that I could get one of those..


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