Spread My Wings

One of my friend join Hi5 and she is very excited about her social-circle there. More than at her Friendster because at Friendster she only got friends from Indonesia. She said that Hi5 give her opportunity to meet new people from outside Indonesia. One of her new friend she got and oftenly email each other, is from France. Hmmm, I dont even really give a damn on my Friendster account. And although I accidentally registered myself at Hi5, but I never open my account either. The last time, perhaps already 6 months ago.

Is Hi5 sponsored by Yahoo? Cos it connected automatically with my address book at Yahoo Mail.

Moreover, since now I’m really interested in making new friends with people from foreign countries, I guess I should start to open my Hi5 again, eh? What do you guys think? It seems to easier to broaden our link to many countries, by using Hi5.

Actually I really love to blogwalking. Visiting people’s blog. I really want to make friends with blogger from many countries, especially United States. Women who live at big/small cities in all around of USA. Read their stories. Isn’t that the magic of internet? To gather people from side-to-side of the earth, in one little place named world-wide-web.

But where can I start? Randomly blogwalking cant satisfied me. I need to go to blog-directory where I can search people from various destination. Then specify my need to specific countr/city. Should start it ASAP.

Talk to you again next week, or perhaps tomorrow.


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