Never Had the Time 2 Blogwalk

I was too busy with my two other blogs (Indonesian version), so that I absents in updating this blog for several days.

Actually, I really want to do blogwalking and promote this blog. But never had the time, since lately my two other blogs was so crowded with friends came along and dropping by at my place. Oh I’m so happy because the hitcounter at my Indonesian blig, right now is already more than 3100. That’s mean my existence as a blogger was already givin me a lot of new friends.

Having blog-friends for me, means more than just a friend in online-world. For me, they more than that. Everytime I share stories (sad or happy) in my blog, they were always supporting me. Or at least they would say sumthin simple and funny that made me smile again.

I already met some of them face2face. Well actually that’s because my blog-friends who come from the same city as I am…Is my old friends in real world. Long before I start my career as a partimer blogger.

Now I think, it’s time for me to start searching for abroad friends, just like I’ve said at my previous post.
Huh, but no time for blog-walk. So I guess I’ll just wait till people find me here. But, it seems that ‘just-waiting’ wont give me new friends.

So, lets arrange a day just for blog-walk and promote this English-blog of mine!


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