Another Train Accident

I change my skin. From the basic that I got from blogger.

Hmm, so how’s the world lately? I just find out a-day-late that, there had been another train accident again in my country. This is the worst on the past 1 year. Around 15 people dead and 30 injured. Oh my God, I’m so sad listening to this news.

One of the victim, a young man. He was trying to came home to his town to meet his fiancee. They’re planned to get married next month. I can imagine how shock his fiancee would be.

Perhaps, this was the reason why My Dad forbid my Mom to take a train-trip from Surabaya to Jakarta. Beside the length of time which is around 10 hours trip, the risk on train-trip is getting higher. Dad pursue Mom to take a flight. Although, going by plane is around $30 more expensive than by train.

But going by train could be delayed another 6-7 hours if the track is got flooded.

Moreover, going by plane had it’s own risk too actually. In the past 2 years, there had been 2 plane-accident. One of them killed all of the passenger because the plane was crashed to the ground. The other accident, killed around ehm..I forget. Perhaps 7-10 passengers.

Phewww…Now that’s the condition of transportation system in my country.

Good news is, I never went out of my province for the past 1 years. So, I dont have to take any train-trip or flight-trip.


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