the wedding

wow….so damn exhausted today, man…
today is the big day for one of my auntie, Deasy. It’s her wedding day!! congratulation… 😡 😡

so tired, me, cos I have to wear my 5 CM stiletto shoes, for the whole 7 hours!! (well, the wedding in my country mostly take a long traditional-procession)..I hate high heels, no matter how they’ll make me look slimmer whatsoeva…

anyway, during the party, i keep on talking to a cute man (my partner) i’ve just known today. and after spending hours tried to flirt him, in the end of the party I found out that he’s already in a relationship with someone else….


well, at least the bride gave me the wedding bouquet straightly at my hand, she wasnt throw it away like in the european tradition. hahaha…she knows exactly that i really want to get married soon. ah yes, as soon as someone propose me and that need a boyfriend that now i havent got any….

*laugh out loud*


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