the gap

why is it important for us me, to be able to understand my parent’s thought? really, it wasnt an easy thing to do. there are so much differences! my thought.. their thought… my style… their style…

but in the end, I realize that, parents are never wrong. they’re always right. we’re the one who has to understand them.

okay, the above paragraph is bullshit…

they have been here in our position. they were young once. but we have never been old!! so, the normal thing would be, is for them to understand us,more, than we’re the one in the I-can-understand-you position.

being understand isnt always equal with, accepting. if your parents could understand you AND accept you the way you are….NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL A JACKPOT.

…..and not all the people could get one.


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