yesterday you were wearing grey uniform, and now?

Called a friend yesterday. A very good friend since highschool.

Me : So when will you get married?
Him : have no plan yet. Lately, I met old friends and they been asking me about when I’ll get married; or how many kids have I got. Such unimportant question… Well, I have kids!
Me : a-ha?
Him : yep..they’re all in the bathroom. Crying to me, “Daddy..daddy…” Hahaha..
Me : You’re nuts!

He was talking about…err… ah, never mind! I wont tell you what the hell he was talking about. If you’re old enough, I suppose you’ll know, hahhaa!

Him : Well, what can I say? The sperms havent met the ovum yet, hahaha!
Me : hahaha…You’re nuts! Man, yesterday you were still wearing grey uniform (uniform for highschool) and now you’re talking about how the sperms havent met the ovum!
Him : wakakakaka… *laugh out loud*


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