Call in sick

I called in sick today.PhotobucketJeez, I dont like to be sick and have to be absent from work(s). I always think of my students when I’m in home (well, yeah not ALWAYS). But it feels so wrong to leave them at school or at the english-course (I teach English as a foreign language) with not much to do, since I’m not there to teach them.

But really, I dont feel well today. Last night, I sneezed like thousand times and it hurts my throat and back. Then I got a breathing problem and that causes me to be unable to drive my motorbike.

So I call people at school and at the english course and leave the students at school with work to do. And then I slept for a couple of hours before I finally woke up and felt a bit hungry.

So I tried to make sandwich, and I filled it with omelette. The ingredients for the omelette are: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of sausages, 1 small garlic, crushed black pepper, salt and sugar, a bit carrot and tomatoes.

But it wasnt taste delicious 😦 I dont know, maybe it is because I’m sick now so my tongue cant work well. Oh well, it was raining a moment ago at 2.30 pm WIB (time marker for the west side of Indonesia). Thank God I decided to stay home today!!

Uh, my husband promised me that he will come home sooner than usual to drive me to the doctor. I think I’ll just ask for a shot than consuming pills.

Wish me to get well soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Call in sick

  1. knock, knock.. =)
    uuh, i know how it feels, got a sore throat (and friends) must be annoyed, and will be more annoyed if it ruins our daily routine, right? well hope u get well soon, and sooo glad to meet u.. (oh, thanks for visiting my blog, ma’am..)

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