No homework from me

I went blogwalking to several Indonesian teenagers who write their blog in English. It’s a really good trend though, practicing your English by writing, since there will be not enough time to do it orally. At one blog, here, the writer share that she’s stressed out now since her school gave the students many homeworks.

awww, poor that little darling!

she said, “I am scared of school. i even feel stress when i think of it. sigh.”

so this was my comment for her:

yep, those surely are the symptoms of stressed out. get well soon dear, try to find a help from friends or parents. or talk as a group with your classmates. I’m sure you arent the only student who hates homeworks!

I’m a senior high school teacher, so I kinda understand how you feel.

that’s why I rarely (maybe only once a year) give my students homework. why should I? they’ll do it at school anyway, copying their friend’s work since they dont have time to do it at home.


It’s not easy to be a student nowadays. At my school, for example : we have already prolonged the school hours from 6.30 – 13.30 to 6.30 – 14.30 sometimes until 15.00 . Or we call it a full days school program. That’s nuts!! Who can keep on concentrating for those long hours like that?

Well okay we have a Saturday off then, but please dear Teachers, dont give the students any homework, again, after a long school hours! Many of the students of my school still have lots of activities after school.

They have to go to English course, or course related to school’s subjects (like: Physic, Biology, Math) (in Indonesia, we call it Bimbingan Belajar). Or those students who actively involve in students’ organization… they still have to stay longer at school to prepare things for science championship or sport event held by that students’ organization (OSIS).

Some of them arrive at home, at almost 8 at night. Exhausted and I bet they dont eat regulary nor a healthy food. When can they spend time for hobby? For family? For sleeping?

Jeez… writing those things out make me feel even sorry and sorry for my students. So guys, there’ll be no homework for me, ever again!!


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