Oh baby baby

My marriage is almost reaching its 1st anniversary . So yeah, it’s normal then if we already wish for a baby. Actually it was my idea to postpone the pregnancy until a year of our marriage.

Why? Because I want to have a longer ‘honeymoon’ with my husband. And he agreed. However, it’s been almost a year now. So we really expecting an expectant this year.

Few days ago, he insisted that I should do the self-test of pregnancy by using the utilities sold on mini-market (the pregnancy test-pack). Then I woke up on Tuesday morning and found an empty plastic bottle (of mineral water). I cut it into a shape of short glass, and the next process is… well…. you know 😀

It gave me 1 stripe only, then. I didnt get pregnant this month. I’m so sorry my husband…. 😦


One thought on “Oh baby baby

  1. blogwalking in the afternoon where actually i have to study for my exam tomorrow, hahahaha!
    um, sorry to hear u haven’t got pregnant yet, but Allah has a reason, dear. =)

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