The killing factor

On Thursday night, when I was on my bed with my headache tried to kill me, I watched Oprah. The episode  invited John Quinones from Primetime series, “What Would You Do” at ABC channel [see the recap here!].

Well you can see the summary of the episode by yourself at the link, I just want to quote one sentence from it :

It’s not hatred that kills people. It’s the indifference.

I got,….. WOW, that’s so true!

When you see someone with a bruise on her face, come to work, and it is so clear that she had cried before. What will you do? (1) Ask her what happened, or (2) just leave her alone with her problem realizing that it isnt your business??

Even after you hear her story of being abused physically (domestic violence) by her boyfriend, parents, or husband… what will you do? (1) Just try to calm her down, or (2) report it to the authority?

IMHO: we must know that, when somebody is being abused (especially when it physically cos it leaves the body with evidences like bruises) BUT the victims dont call anyone for help, then it’s our DUTY as human being to automatically doing something! Even when the victim said, “Leave me alone, it’s none of your business!”

But somebody still have to help him/her. Why? Because she/he cant help him/herself!! In other way, when we keep silence and doing nothing, not even try to talk to the victim and calm her/him down, we will be indifferent.

When we have stopped to care toward each other, that’s when we should ask ourself ,”Are we even human anymore?”


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