A special gift for him

note : I dont mean to showing-off anything here. Please dont be misnderstood 🙂

Few days ago, on Thursday, a package delivered by TIKI for me.

I know what it was. It was a mobile phone. My Dad sent it for me from Jakarta as soon as he got it from his Boss. That mob.phone wasnt the first one Dad got from his Boss. His Boss is a very royal person, my Nokia N73 was also from him (it was on my birthday, September 2007). So did my Dad’s O2.

This time, he gave my Dad another Nokia [E71]. Actually, if I can choose, I prefer another brand. Why? You can see the reason here.

Since it was a gift, so yeah… there’s nothing I can do but accept it. I wont use it though, cos it’s too sophisticated for me and hell yeah- too luxurious. I dont think it’s appropriate for a teacher at a public school to use that kind of mobile phone. Too much. and useless either since I will only use mob.phone for text message and for making a call.

I dont even use my N73 for a long time, since March 2007 I switched mob.phone with my husband. I let him using that N73 because it can be very useful to support his work with all of its features.

So I use his SE k618 until now (actually, he got the SE K618 as a gift also, from his sister in Bali). It’s simpler although I cant maximize the usage of its calendar (I still prefer Nokia’s calendar).

Back to the new mobile phone.

It has been several months, my husband wants to have a new mob.phone . He wants the one with HSDPA so he can use it for work (faster). But we cant afford to buy a new mob.phone because he has to pay for the house-loan, monthly.

So when I heard that my Dad will get another mob.phone from his Boss (and it’ll be  a sophisticated one), I said to my Dad that my Husband is going to use it instead of me. My Dad is perfectly fine with that.

When the package finally arrived, my husband was very happy. I mean VERRRY HAPPY. His excitement looked like a little boy who got a new toy-car/ tamiya at his birthday!

    Me : See, you have been wanting for a new mob.phone, now you can get it for free. My Dad didnt even spend any money for it! So it’s really FREE.
    Him : Yes, if it’s the time for us to get some luck (rejeki), it wont go anywhere (halah, ribet bener nerjemahin : kalo rejeki gak kemana). And it wont get switched with other’s luck (dan rejeki ga akan tertukar).
    Me : yes. And dont worry sweetheart, if the time comes, we will have a baby 🙂

yah, balik2nya ke urusan bayi lagi, hahaha….

Anyway, my husband is a very lucky person. In most of the time, he got many expensive things as a gift: laptop and mob.phone (SE K618) from his sister in Bali; new motorcycle  from his brother in-law (his sister’s husband, those who live in Bali); and now he got another new thing as a gift.

Alhamdulillah Darling, you’re a nice man and deserve to be a lucky person.


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