The sleepy chocolate mousse

I feel so lazy and sleepy during these days, especially because on Friday till Monday, I will have a long weekend. I didnt go to work at school on Friday (because there was an activity at school) and on Monday, there’ll be a national-Islamic holiday.

And I spend days at home doing nothing. Just relaxing and it feels so good. I enjoy my long weekend.

My husband and I have many things to pay this month, more than usual. So we cant spend extra money on eating outside at restaurant or go to movie. But it’s ok. Because my husband doesnt want to eat restaurant food anymore. Therefore if I want to eat delicious food, it means I have to cook it by myself.

So here I am now, browsing a recipe for making chocolate mousse, hehehe… It seems easy though, but I havent tried to cook it once before. So, I cross my fingers for today’s cooking lesson 😀

>> For recipe in Indonesian click here, or here (for pudding choco mousse). and for the recipe in English click here.


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