I vote!

On July 8th 2009, Wednesday [two days ago], there was a very big moment for Indonesian people. There were about 170.000.000 registered voters, but in reality the voters who really vote, might be not as much as that stated number. There are many reasons why registered voters didnt vote for their candidate:

1) From those 3 president& vice president candidates, non-voted voters doesnt believe in any of them.
2) Actually they want to vote, but at that moment they were traveling or were forced to work [although it was actually a national holiday] and they cant vote at their work-place/ during their trip [for example, they cant vote at the bus-station, train-station, or at the airport]. This is because, registered voters should vote at the specific location, near the address stated on their ID-Card. So registered voters cant vote at wherever place they want.

Beside these non-voted voters, there were also lots of people like me, who really wanted to vote, but somehow, we werent registered. The government is the one to blame, related to this issue, because in Indonesia, the government is the one who should list the voters. From house to house. Unlucky for me, the government official didnt list my house, so I wasnt registered.

But 2 days before the Election, the government issue a new policy which said that:
Those non-registered citizen could come to the nearest ballot [based on the address stated on the citizen’s ID-Card], and then we can vote by showing that ID-Card. THANK GOD then, I could vote! I was very happy. The pic above showed the paper with the pics of those 3 candidates [president& vice president], and I chose number 3.

Mr. Jusuf Kalla [present Indonesia’s vice president **] as the candidate of President.
Mr. Wiranto [a retired Indonesian army General. He was Commander of the military of Indonesia from February 1998 to October 1999, and ran unsuccessfully for President of Indonesia in 2004. He is running for the vice-presidency in 2009. **]

Unfortunately, from those 3 couple-candidates, Mr. Jusuf Kalla and Mr. Wiranto only got less than 10% from total votes. The couple-candidate that got the highest percentage is Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono with his vice-candidate Mr. Boediono : almost 65%. The other couple-candidate: Mrs. Megawati Soekarnoputri his vice-candidate Mr. Prabowo reach 25%.

Of course I was sad, but then I realize that to build our nation, doesnt exactly have to be President. Mr. Jusuf Kalla can still contribute many things to Indonesia through many other ways. InsyaALLAH….

By the way, Mrs. Megawati Soekarnoputri is the daughter of Indonesia’s founding father aka Indonesia’s 1st President : Mr. Soekarno. And Mr. Prabowo used to be married to the daughter of Indonesia’s 2nd President.


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