I met him at the teachers’ office and then…

Today is just another working day. I work as a teacher at a senior high-school by the way. And yes, in this post, I’ll talk about my job. And things related to this job 🙂

After graduated from university on 2005, my best friend informed me that this school was looking for a new teacher. Then I applied for the position and to everybody’s surprise, I was accepted here. It’s been 5 years now.

On 2006, around July, I met a young teacher at the teachers’ office. His office didn’t located at the same room with me. So I rarely met him. From my colleague, Mrs. C, I knew that his name is Mr. M and he’s a very nice and helpful man.

On 2007, 2 days before Valentine Day. We started to get involved in intense communication and mostly via sending messages at Friendster. We went together once, and he visited me when I was sick. And 3 weeks later, we started our relationship.

It only took a year of dating and then we got married. See? I am so blessed and lucky to have this job at this school. Not only I can have the experience in teaching at a good school, but also I met my soulmate here 🙂


3 thoughts on “I met him at the teachers’ office and then…

  1. That’s really a sweet post! I knew my husband was “the one” within a year too but we waited three years before marrying!

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