Yes, I am a lousy friend indeed

A month ago, I admitted to my best friend (we are best friends since 14 years ago) that I’m a lousy friend.

I don’t have time for my friends. I didn’t visit them when their mom passed away. I didn’t know when their mom was hospitalized. I didn’t come to their wedding day. I didn’t visit them at the hospital when they gave birth to their children. I’m a lousy friend. When I was still be able to go anywhere with my motorcycle, I couldn’t go because I was too busy with works here and there.

When I’m now only have 1 job, I can’t visit them anytime I want because I’m no longer be able in riding my motorcycle and becoming dependent to other people to drive me everywhere I wanna go.

I always have these excuses. I’m guilty for becoming a selfish friend. Corrupted with my works and stuffs.

Astaghfirullohaladhim ….  Forgive me God. I’m very sorry dear friends….


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