Imported old posts

I have imported the old posts (2007-2009) from my other English-written blog, to this blog. Yay! I’m so happy because there are about 20 posts from 2006-2007. I haven’t married at that time, so the old posts contain my stories as a single lady 😉

Do check by yourself, it’s on the archive menu on the right.

One thing I recognize from my old posts was that, I often blog short posts which contain only 3-4 sentences. Sometimes they are only 2 sentences (less than 140 characters). It’s just like twitter, hahaha.

But of course, I haven’t got any twitter account at that moment (on 2006). I made my first twitter acc on 2007 but at that moment, none of my friends has twitter acc. So I abandoned that account for 2 years before finally deleting that account and made a new one.

I enjoy tweeting, so much. But blogging is better because you can post longer story.


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