Someday you might work for them

Stop bullying your friend (offline and online), and also: stop bullying strangers on the online world. thats just pathetic. do you really think, that you can say whatever you want to other people, as long as it isnt a face-to-face conversation?

remember kiddos, dunia itu berputar, senantiasa berputar and we have KARMA. K.A.R.M.A. someday, you might work for those you have bullied in your past. and they will be the one who sign your pay check. and they can fire you! what will you do then? kiss their ass and hope that they will forget the pain you have caused?

i saw some bullies, among my students. and thats just sad because i dont always have enough courage to stop them. this post, so far, is the best i can do for now.

dear you, you know who you are.

do you really need to let other people down so just you can feel special and powerful?


i think parents and teachers should do something about this bullying-issue. we should give explanation to kids since their early ages, that bullying is not cool. bullying is not a game (in the end of the game, everybody will be happy). and bullying will hurt people’s feeling (the victims) and make them sad for quite a long time.

i used to be emotionally-bullied too back in elementary school, and i held the grudge for years before finally be able to forgive them and forgive myself.

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15 thoughts on “Someday you might work for them

  1. Wonderfully written. When it comes to bullying, what’s missing are manners and etiquette about how to treat people whether they are in your face or not. Manners and etiquette! The golden rule should always apply. You treat people the way YOU expect treatment and no less than that.
    I know you have probably heard it more like this, “Misery loves company.” And, sometimes, it’s just that simple. Someone is rude and leads to bullying because they want you to feel as crappy as they do. It’s not good, I know.
    You certainly do not have an easy job!

  2. Hi Tyka!

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for dropping by my blog earlier today. It was a pleasure meeting you!

    Powerful post! And so eloquently written. Thank you for sharing it.

    As someone who was bullied in school myself, I know the reprecussions it can have on your psyche for years to come. Gratefully, I’ve learned to let it go.

    And I agree, people seem to think that just because they’re online, they can say whatever they want; however they want. This is why I will always moderate my comments.

    Again, great post! I’ll be back!

  3. To Ron:
    Being polite is a must, online and offline 🙂 I hope we can moderate the comment given to us in the offline world, too :mrgreen:

  4. The dark side of the human soul…
    Did you ever think about their first step to being “bad”? how can the joy they have while bullying, be cured? Is it like heroin?

    Questions, questions…

    Nice blog Tyka. Your students are lucky.

  5. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel but first you’ll have to find the light switch and change the bulb before switching it on yourself. No problem, as targets of bullying are picked on for their competence and abilities.”

    great post and please feel free to add me to your list,

    Gill in Canada

  6. Some people are strong enough to let go off the grudges. Others like me still despise our bullies. They have no friggin right to control and tamper with your world. But when your vulnerable in a world of sharks you get eaten.
    Is there any way of just making it stop?or healing?I cant forgive my bullies even if i tried to.
    Whats the solution tyka?

  7. To dramastrois :
    “Is there any way of just making it stop?”

    I honestly don’t know, dear. Right now, on my position as a teacher, I will try my best to prevent bullying from happenning around me. By telling/ giving advice to all my students about what is bullying and how dangerous it is.

    “Whats the solution tyka?”

    Again…. I’m very sorry dear, but I don’t think that I’m capable in giving suggestion. Bcoz I myself need like, 5 years, before finally be able to forgive them 😦

    My prayer for you. I hope that you can be strong.

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