Me. Coming back.

The last post before this kinda makes me laugh. Probably that’s because (at that moment: October 20, 2012) I promised to myself that I will start to write again in this blog after a year hiatus. But of course, I got back to another hiatus right after I published that post. What can I say? Managing more than one blog is not easy, especially when I have to write it in a foreign language.

But hey. Probably this post can be a new- fresh start for my attempt to write in English. Who knows? So for now on, let’s just be optimistic.

Talking about me coming back. I also have decided to do a comeback to Instagram after a long hiatus. Well I mean, I will post pics daily and not only that… I will also visit my friends’ stream, commenting on their pics… You know, communicating — social networking. Making new friends and maintaining them. Beside, started last week, I now can Instagram-ing thru my Samsung (Android based phone). I used to post pics via my husband’s iPhone or from iPad.

In this post, I wanna share the pic I like the most this week (the one two that I took and uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday).


First of all, lemme just explain that I am a teacher at one of the senior high school in my city (Surabaya). And yes, I have a close relationship with my kids, probably because I’m still young (the rest of the teachers? They have kids in my age, many will be retired within these years).

I took this pic when I was having snack with 2 of my students. So last Tuesday, after a looooooong hilarious debate whether we will hang out at the Library or at the nearest mall; finally only the 3 of us can go to the mall (there were the 6 of us actually).

So at the mall, after eating Tissue Bread (that’s the name and we bought one portion and shared it), we still feel a bit hungry but we only wanted to order something light. So we bought a pan of pizza, and shared those 4 slices for the 3 of us. Yes, we, Indonesians think that pizza is a light meal, LOL.

I took picture of the last slice, and it turned out that I love it so much. It looks like a pic taken with a DSLR camera 😆 Actually I only used a camera in my mobile phone but the sun was shining maximumly (geez is it even a word, maximumly? LOL) and it makes every pic looks beautiful, IMO.

So my suggestion for ya all: if you wanna take pic by using the camera on your mobile phone, do it under the sunshine 😉


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