Randomness #1


It was my breakfast yesterday. It was NASI PECEL and it contains rice + some different kinds of vegetables + tofu + some other food I cant translate to English 😀 On my working days (which are only Tuesday and Wednesday) I rarely eat breakfast at home because the school here (I’m a teacher, by the way) starts veeeeerrrry early.

As early as 6.30 in the morning. And yes. Waking up even at 5 is considered as LATE for me. To have extra time to do this and that b4 I left for work, at least I have to wake up at 4. So yes, if I arrive at school around 6.15 then I can have my breakfast b4 the school starts 🙂

Yesterday, I arrive at 6.10. I can leave the house earlier everytime my husband is on his business trip. Usually I arrive at 6.30 sharp. So I had my breakfast at the school cafetaria with one of my students. We ate together and gossiping about the situation at school which has been quite different these days since the headmaster been changed.


And this is my bag for today. A batik patchworked fabrics combined into one. My ex students bought it for me at Jogjakarta. I plan to use this bag to school today. Anyway, my classes start at 10 today, thats why I am still at home and type this blogpost 😀

Ah well. Told ya its a random post 😉 I wish you all (just in case some people read my blog today) a happy working day!!


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