Hello Sydney!

It’s actually a bit late for me to post this story because it’s already the end of September, and we have lived here for 7 months now. And probably will go home on December or January 2015 😀 But as the wise man said: “Better late than never….”

So here we are. In Sydney, Australia. Not exactly in Sydney but going a bit to the east, in Sydney’s eastern suburb. Well it takes only 10 minutes to go to Sydney, anyway. I live in Kingsford, in the City of Randwick. And we are here because my husband got a scholarship to study master degree in UNSW.

I personally enjoy our stay here and took lotsa pictures anytime we’re going outside. And since I dont know what else to write (I have a sudden writer’s block when it comes to writing in English, hahaha), lemme just show you some pics I took, any pic I can find on my laptop. Coz I normally dont store any pic on my laptop, only on my iPhone……


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