Cooking vegetables

Been cooking a lot lately. For my husband who is on a diet. He tries to improve his health by consuming more fruit and vegetables. But less meat. So here I am. Browsing recipes everyday. Shop for vegetables. And cook!

And thats an achievement for me since I dont usually cook. Thats not my hobby. But it is gonna be a new daily activity for me. So far, whatever vegetables I cook, it tastes the same. Because the main ingredients are the same: Onion, garlic, sugar and salt. With a sprinkle of pepper too. And sometimes: soy sauce. My husband already demanded for another taste, LOL.

Oh well. We all have to start from somewhere right?


Fenty’s wedding day

Last Saturday, it was 10-11-12. I mean: November 10th 2012 if you arrange the date in dd-mm-yy. Beautiful numbers combination and as predicted, many couples got married on that day. Including 3 couples who sent their invitations to me and my husband. 1 couple’s wedding party was on Saturday morning, 10 to 12 am. And 2 couples held their party on Saturday evening from 7 to 9 pm.

I decided to go to my friends’ wedding party by myself (her name is Fenty) and my husband to his friends’. The distance between two venue is far away. So both of us cannot go together 😦 It took 75 minutes to drive from my house to the venue where Fenty’s parents held her wedding party 🙂
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Fenty is my blog buddy. We knew each other from the internet. I really like her blog just like she enjoys mine 😀 Well not this blog, but the one which I write in Indonesian. We first met on 2008 and since her campus was near my house, she sometimes visited me at home.
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The party was held on the poolside. Lucky for me, I met one of my friend whom I knew from blog, too! Her name is Ecchan and actually it wasnt our first meeting. We met several times before.

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On our previous meetings, Ecchan and I were always forgot to take picture of us together. So on our last meeting, Ecchan reminded me several times that WE MUST take pictures of us together 😀

Last but not least: congratulation Fenty and her husband: Rangga!!

How coffee helps me to stay organized ;)

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I dont drink just any coffee. I only drink coffee from one particular brand (Good Day coffee) which has some different kinds flavored instant coffee. My fave tho, are mocha (red sachet) and chocolate (chocolate sachet) flavored coffee. The price is rrrrreally affordable. By spending $1 you can get 2 boxes. Each box contains 5 sachets. 5 sachets for 5 happy day filled with coffee. I use 180ml very hot water for each cup and it could last for almost a day. From 9 to 5 🙂

I dont think I am addicted to caffeine or to coffee. But only to the taste . I know that because: I dont drink any other coffee than those 2 I have mentioned above. Thats because other brands of instant coffee or those I ever bought in cafe, they taste sooooo coffee. The taste is too strong.

My favorite brands provide a sweet chocolate taste with a very light coffee taste. But with the different taste from hot cocoa or hot milk. I cant explain it to you tho, hehehe…. To difficult.

Anyhow. Coffee does help me to stay organized. Take a look at the Before & After pics I provide here. The coffee boxes…. I wrapped it with felt and put it inside a container where I put the remote controls (of TV and air-con), small praying books, some stationary etc. Before I put the boxes as the separator, the container was so messed up.

So yeah. Thank you coffee for helping me to stay organized :mrgreen:

My newest corsage brooch


Theres a funny story behind this corsage brooch of mine. Before my wedding day 4 years ago, my mom made 3 plastic-flowers bouquet to be put in my (I mean OUR- my husband & I) room. Eventho the flowers are all plastic, but theyre in good quality and very pretty.



2 weeks ago, I need a brooch which could match my batik outfit. So I took 2 flowers (rose) from the bouquet and changed one of em into a corsage brooch.



And suddenly I miss my Mom…..

Me. Coming back.

The last post before this kinda makes me laugh. Probably that’s because (at that moment: October 20, 2012) I promised to myself that I will start to write again in this blog after a year hiatus. But of course, I got back to another hiatus right after I published that post. What can I say? Managing more than one blog is not easy, especially when I have to write it in a foreign language.

But hey. Probably this post can be a new- fresh start for my attempt to write in English. Who knows? So for now on, let’s just be optimistic.

Talking about me coming back. I also have decided to do a comeback to Instagram after a long hiatus. Well I mean, I will post pics daily and not only that… I will also visit my friends’ stream, commenting on their pics… You know, communicating — social networking. Making new friends and maintaining them. Beside, started last week, I now can Instagram-ing thru my Samsung (Android based phone). I used to post pics via my husband’s iPhone or from iPad.

In this post, I wanna share the pic I like the most this week (the one two that I took and uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday).


First of all, lemme just explain that I am a teacher at one of the senior high school in my city (Surabaya). And yes, I have a close relationship with my kids, probably because I’m still young (the rest of the teachers? They have kids in my age, many will be retired within these years).

I took this pic when I was having snack with 2 of my students. So last Tuesday, after a looooooong hilarious debate whether we will hang out at the Library or at the nearest mall; finally only the 3 of us can go to the mall (there were the 6 of us actually).

So at the mall, after eating Tissue Bread (that’s the name and we bought one portion and shared it), we still feel a bit hungry but we only wanted to order something light. So we bought a pan of pizza, and shared those 4 slices for the 3 of us. Yes, we, Indonesians think that pizza is a light meal, LOL.

I took picture of the last slice, and it turned out that I love it so much. It looks like a pic taken with a DSLR camera 😆 Actually I only used a camera in my mobile phone but the sun was shining maximumly (geez is it even a word, maximumly? LOL) and it makes every pic looks beautiful, IMO.

So my suggestion for ya all: if you wanna take pic by using the camera on your mobile phone, do it under the sunshine 😉

Hello there! I’m still alive!

ok so I know that I have abandoned this blog for too long now. It’s almost a year now :lol So where have I been? Well actually… nowhere. I’m still here in this lovely city (the 2nd biggest city in Indonesia), I still work as a teacher and well…. I have many things in my mind I wanna share but everytime I have to write it down in English, they’re all disappear 😦

Don’t ask the question if you are not prepared for the answer

some people tend to ask, well, simple question like : “Do i look fat?”

if in my opinion, that person doesnt look fat, then of course i will answer : “No you dont. You look good,” -sometimes my answer can satisfy them. but in many times they will reply with : “But i am fat. i am gaining weight, etc…” yadda yadda yadda…

well ok then. the next time people ask me difficult question, i will ask them back : “Do you want to hear the truth or do you want me to give you the-answer-you-wanna-hear?

will i be rude, then?