Wednesday morning

Spring is finally here! Sydney has reached 33 celcius degree and it just feels like in my home country, Indonesia. Ha! Last night I only cover myself with a throw. No longer using my warm duvet.

But I still prefer drying my clothes by using dryer. The clothes come neater and less wrinkles than if I dry them on the drying rack. Plus, both of them are free. I mean, the sunshine is of course, free. But the laundry facilities in the place I live, is also free! *grin*

Now I open the door all the time when I’m home. Until a week ago, I cant do this because of the cold breeze outside. But not now. It is all warm now.

Things I can do when husband isnt at home: breakfast in bed.

Bread and cream soup for breakfast. All gone. Yummy.

Ahhhhh ….. Shiny happy day, I hope! Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone!

Hello Sydney!

It’s actually a bit late for me to post this story because it’s already the end of September, and we have lived here for 7 months now. And probably will go home on December or January 2015 😀 But as the wise man said: “Better late than never….”

So here we are. In Sydney, Australia. Not exactly in Sydney but going a bit to the east, in Sydney’s eastern suburb. Well it takes only 10 minutes to go to Sydney, anyway. I live in Kingsford, in the City of Randwick. And we are here because my husband got a scholarship to study master degree in UNSW.

I personally enjoy our stay here and took lotsa pictures anytime we’re going outside. And since I dont know what else to write (I have a sudden writer’s block when it comes to writing in English, hahaha), lemme just show you some pics I took, any pic I can find on my laptop. Coz I normally dont store any pic on my laptop, only on my iPhone……

Road to 130 pounds

My father, supported by my husband (and mom too, of course)…. Said that I have to be able to lose 10 pounds before July 2013. Thats because I’m already overweight (well actually I have been overweight since…. few years ago) and the result of my medical check up is far from normal. So I guess I really have to spend around 20 to 30 minutes to do daily exercise.

For today, I tried this but then stopped at 24:00 while theres still 20 minutes to go before it ends.It’s Taebo exercise by Billy Blanks.

Hopefully I can do it longer next time. For tomorrow, probably I will try another exercise less tiring with shorter duration 😀

So thats why….

So thats one of the reasons why I felt like throwing grenades everywhere… and  flipping the table, the other day! It was the PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)! Finally got my period today and that means: try again next month. And by ‘again’, of course what I really mean is: conceiving.

Can you believe that it’s almost 5 years of our marriage? ALREADY? Ow my God. Well I still have 4 more months, tho. The anniversary will be on March. And I dont think there’ll be romantic dinner whatsoever. Probably on March 22nd he will forget that that day is the anniversary date, hehehe 😀

Crazy Monday

Astaghfirullohaladhim….. Today is the craaaaaaazy daaaaaay!! Not (only) because of the workload but more to the heartbreaking news I have just heard few hours ago.

It really becomes the top of my dizziness lately 😥 I am so stressed out!!! I feel like I wanna run away from reality. God please help me 😦 😦

Awkay…..I reaaaaaallly hope your Monday is much much much better than mine 🙂

Randomness #1


It was my breakfast yesterday. It was NASI PECEL and it contains rice + some different kinds of vegetables + tofu + some other food I cant translate to English 😀 On my working days (which are only Tuesday and Wednesday) I rarely eat breakfast at home because the school here (I’m a teacher, by the way) starts veeeeerrrry early.

As early as 6.30 in the morning. And yes. Waking up even at 5 is considered as LATE for me. To have extra time to do this and that b4 I left for work, at least I have to wake up at 4. So yes, if I arrive at school around 6.15 then I can have my breakfast b4 the school starts 🙂

Yesterday, I arrive at 6.10. I can leave the house earlier everytime my husband is on his business trip. Usually I arrive at 6.30 sharp. So I had my breakfast at the school cafetaria with one of my students. We ate together and gossiping about the situation at school which has been quite different these days since the headmaster been changed.


And this is my bag for today. A batik patchworked fabrics combined into one. My ex students bought it for me at Jogjakarta. I plan to use this bag to school today. Anyway, my classes start at 10 today, thats why I am still at home and type this blogpost 😀

Ah well. Told ya its a random post 😉 I wish you all (just in case some people read my blog today) a happy working day!!